Welcome to Massage Therapy by Rani Shah….professional certified theraputic massage.

To be able to heal with ones owns hands is a very moving thing. The sensation of touch is often healing, comforting and soothing. Massage Therapy offers a chance for a body and mind to heal and become rejuvenated. If there is anything I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and giving to others, it’s a holistic, therapeutic massage.
Do yourself a favor…get a professional, therapeutic massage. Treat your body, soul and mind to a necessity of self care. Your body will thank you.

By touching a body, we touch every event it has experienced. For a few brief moments we hold all of a client’s stories in our hands. We witness someone’s experience of their own flesh, through some of the most powerful means possible: the contact of our hands, the acceptance of the body without judgment, and the occasional listening ear. With these gestures we reach across the isolation of the human experience and hold another person’s legend. In massage therapy, we show up and ask, in so many ways, what it is like to be another human being. In doing so, we build a bridge that may heal us both.

Tracy Walton,
“The Health History of a Human Being,”
Massage Therapy Journal, Winter 1999